Accompanying our Sales and Guaranteed Rent is the Renovation service we offer. 
We focus on developing and renovating properties to the optimum level to achieve the best result possible on a competitive budget.  
Our portfolio is diverse in both scale and character, from luxury apartments, exceptional townhouses to the more basic house or smaller flat.
With all of our renovation designed to be reflective of our desire to produce innovative homes that act as harmonious spaces, in which people can thrive.
The properties we renovate and develop combine a creative, considered, intelligent design philosophy with exceptional attention to detail and commitment to both innovation and the environment. 
Working alongside leading consultants, interior designers and product suppliers, we enable the progression and development of meticulously thought out schemes right from the very start, with our friendly team happy to talk you through the stages of renovation should you like.
In addition, we can make you an offer for your property if you are questioning whether the investment in a renovation is worthwhile.
Here at Belview, our dedicated and experienced colleagues place a great deal of value in our clients, so our warm and flexible team are able to respond in accordance to any wishes, requests or alterations you may have at any stage of the renovation.  

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